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ICE will start training local Police to detain non-citizens

A bill that was passed by the Florida Legislature now allows the local police to hold immigrants for ICE to pick them up. Who will this affect? Well, the people that are mostly being affected are those who are caught driving without a license or those who commit any other crimes. While driving without a license may not seem like a crime to some, it is! How can you avoid being detained by ICE? Unfortunately, now with this Legislature, ICE will be able to find more undocumented individuals with the help of local police so one has to be prepared. If you do not have a driver’s license, there may be a way to obtain one. You can find information on how to obtain a license at https://www.flhsmv.gov/driver-licenses-id-cards/.

If there isn’t a way to obtain a driver’s license, do not drive on the roads. The local police are strictly enforcing these laws. One wrong turn on the streets can have more of an impact in your life than anything else.

TIPS: If you get stopped by the local police, and you are undocumented, have your family member’s numbers memorized. Have someone in your family call an immigration attorney immediately. Some counties work faster than others. If you pay the bond for the citation fast enough, you may be able to get out of state custody before immigration is called. If immigration does come to the jail, please ask to see an immigration judge. Do not allow ICE to ask you to take Voluntary Departure or sign an order of deportation (removal). You have rights in this country!

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