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  • She is amazing!!
    They say marriage interviews you are to be afraid of - but with Ms. Lamardo, that is out the door. Juliana helped us get all together, talked to us, gave us a preview and we felt way more confident. The day arrived and it was so fun with her, we laughed, we met other attorneys, we even forgot that we had the interview. We went in, and everything went smoothly. It was great! She is amazing!! Of course before all that fun we had some serious time to prepare and get everything we needed and she helped us do that and her name is well known so we were good. I just want to say - Thank you very very much!

    - Luis

  • Thank you, Juliana for all your help with my case.
    She is very knowledgeable, thorough, a great communicator, and truly represents best interests of her clients. If Juliana takes your case, you can be confident that she will do everything and will win it. Besides being an outstanding professional, she also has a very nice personality, and it's simply a pleasure to work with her. Thank you, Juliana for all your help with my case.

    - Wojciech

  • My level of happiness for my case being approved is equal to how much grateful I am to Ms. Juliana.
    Today I got the news from Ms. Juliana that my case was approved and I'm so excited that I can't thank her enough for all her professionalism, support and guidance since day one. She is not only an outstanding attorney but a great and warm person. She gives you that extra piece of mind that you need when going through this immigration process. My level of happiness for my case being approved is equal to how much grateful I am to Ms. Juliana.

    - Fabiana

  • With great appreciation I like to say thank you Juliana for all your great effort in helping me become a citizen.
    With great appreciation I like to say thank you Juliana for all your great effort in helping me become a citizen. It was a long journey and I do appreciate your consistency and dedication in handling my case. You were very sweet during the entire process and understanding. I will forever be thankful and will always keep you in mind for whoever I can refer you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Peter.

    - Peter

  • Went Above and Beyond
    Juliana started to work on our file and completely turned an unpleasant situation into a very positive one. She handled our situation with the utmost care and went above and beyond every step of the process. Whenever we had a question she answered promptly or got back to us with a reasonable amount of time. Her customer service was exceptional and I appreciate the care she gave to us during a very difficult time in my families life. I highly recommend.

    - Alfonso & Stephanie

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  • An Absolutely Incredible Job on My Case
    Ms. Lamardo did an absolutely incredible job on my case. She listened attentively to my concerns and addressed every single item I was worried about. I have had a series of very bad experiences with multiple attorneys and Ms. Lamardo came highly recommended for her experience and professionalism. She went above and beyond even showing up to USCIS when no one would return her calls or emails about my case. NOW HERE I AM, VERY HAPPY TO BE A PERMANENT RESIDENT. Next, my citizenship. THANK YOU JULIANA, YOU SAVED MY LIFE. If you are looking for the best, I strongly recommend you call Ms. Lamardo before you waste your time and money on a bait and switch firm. She will attend to your case personally.

    - Mario

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  • Solved My Case the Best Way Possible
    I highly recommend this lawyer as she has solved my case the best way possible! She's friendly and replies to all of my e-mails promptly. Extremely professional!

    - Anonymous

  • She Was a Great Support
    Attorney Lamardo was recommended to us by a friend and at a time of desperation, she was a great support. She assisted my husband out of deportation proceedings...Even though she was assisting us long distance, I do not have any complaints about her diligence. She is responsible and knowledgeable about the process. I have recently reached out to her after a few years without contact and I received a response within 10 minutes after the email was sent. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who may be in need of an immigration attorney!

    - Flavia

  • Prepared for Every Possible Question and Situation

    I hired Juliana to replace another lawyer that I had hired to handle my boyfriend's immigration case. He is Cuban and was in deportation proceedings and detained in NJ, and my original lawyer was located in NYC. The original lawyer had no understanding of the Cuban Adjustment Act (CAA) and told me that my boyfriend would be deported, so I went looking for a lawyer that understood the CAA and luckily I found Juliana in Miami. It took a little over a month for Juliana to get my boyfriend's Stay of Deportation approved, and he was then released from the detention center. During this time, Juliana spoke to me almost daily, updating me on his case, answering all of my questions, and calming me when I was stressed.

    Juliana is now working on getting my boyfriend's residency application approved. She traveled to NYC to go to his residency interview with him because she was fearful that the officers processing the cases in NYC don't understand the CAA. She was prepared for every possible question and situation in the interview, leaving us very confident that his application would be approved.

    If you are looking for someone who really understands the Cuban Adjustment Act and will fight to get you all of the rights you are entitled to as a Cuban, Juliana is the lawyer for you.

    - Anonymous

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  • Helped Me Through Every Step
    My case started in February 2011, I found out I had a deportation warrant, I hired Juliana and she has helped me with what I thought was the impossible, she made me feel like everything was going to be ok in the hardest times. She got my warrant removed and helped me through every step now I am a Resident of the United States and I owe it to her. I recommend her to anyone seeking legal help she cares and fights for her clients, she changed my life for the better.

    - Juan

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  • Great Attention to Detail
    Attorney Lamardo is a great lawyer. She has great attention to detail. She makes sure that you don't leave her office with any doubts or questions. From the beginning, she was very attentive to answering any emails we sent her way. Attorney Lamardo was always very professional and handled our case extremely well. We worked with her for a few years and always received great results from her part. She kept us aware of everything that happened with our case. We recommend her.

    - Antonella

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  • Outstanding as a Lawyer and as a Person
    Outstanding as a lawyer and as a person. I met her because she had to go with me to an appointment in court without being my assigned attorney and since that day I requested her as the attorney in charge of my case. It was a complex and several years long case, but she always knew how to represent me and to appeal until everything was solved. She always pending and communicating with me via email, in person, and by phone.

    - Denisse

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  • Thankful for Lawyers like Juliana Lamardo
    Council Juliana Lamardo began her representation in my IMMIGRATION REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS-(3/29/2016). I just want the world to know that I am truly thankful for lawyers like her. She was on point on every aspect that left a 'refreshing' in the court proceedings. She came prepared! I have witnessed other lawyers being corrected by the Immigration Court, which caused delay and not ONCE was Council Juliana Lamardo ever in that predicament. She was always prepared and on point-NEVER DISAPPOINTED me once. The way she delved into the case thoroughly and with outstanding professionalism, I am a FREE woman today! If it wasn't for Council Lamardo, I would have been deported leaving my six United States born kids in America. What helped me foremost, is when I first met her and the confidence she displayed- saying, "I'm gonna you out of here" it not only gave me relief as a DETAINEE, but the confident energy sustained me right from the day she took my case to the end". Another thing I'm grateful for is the way how she handled my case-which caused GREAT SUCCESS; I AM FREE TODAY IN AMERICA! The case did not drag on for months-NO! She was on point, it pleased everyone involved! She not only rescued me, but she saved the health of my 71 yr old mother and removed the fear that traumatized my kids who need me here. "Council Lamardo, may God guard and protect your life so you can continue to help other people who desperately need your service as I did- you gave your ALL to help me and my family. God Bless you! Thank you, Council!

    - Marlene Findley

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    Buenas a todos los que puedan ver este comentario.Ayer tuve mi corte de inmigracion y Juliana Lamardo fue mi abogado defensora,Ms Lamardo GANO mi caso y me devolvieron mi residencia...Desde la primera cita que tuve con Juliana supe que iba a ganar mi caso.Ella es una Abogado muy inteligente,profesional,atenta,y para mi la mejor,siempre estuvo pendiente a mis llamadas,a CONTESTARME cada una de mis preguntas y mis dudas,y no se equivoco en absolutamente nada de lo que me dijo durante todo el proceso....Para todo el que necesite una abogado le digo y le recomiendo al 100 por ciento a JULIANA LAMARDO,ES LA MEJOR SIN DUDAS,,,en ella si se puede confiar........Muchas GRACIAS MI ABOGADO PARA SIEMPRE....

    - Alain

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  • A True Angel Sent From Heaven
    Attorney Juliana Lamardo represented my boyfriend in an immigration case of Domestic Violence. He had been detained by ICE on December while reporting himself to his monthly probation. A couple of weeks later he had his first hearing. I recall that there was this woman sitting next to me and my boyfriend tells me to get her contact info so I did. Since that first day, Juliana has been a true angel sent from God. She is not your typical lawyer that once you retain them you never hear from them or they lie to you. Not Juliana she is what you called a "one in a million attorney." She is dedicated, believes in her client's freedom and will fight to the end to win the case. That is exactly what happened today during my boyfriend's last hearing. It was a true success. He was granted a waiver and will not be deported to Cuba. This is the type of lawyer you want to have on your side. Someone that will fight for your loved ones just how you would fight for them. An attorney that is dedicated and will always keep you posted on every detail that goes on in the case. It has been a privilege to have Juliana represent my boyfriend on his immigration case. A true angel sent from heaven.

    - Tatiana

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  • She Helped My Mother From Being Deported
    This woman is God sent. She truly is a blessing. She helped my mother from being deported. My mother was held by the Immigration detention facility in Moore Haven, Florida facing the fact that she might be getting deported to Jamaica. In all honesty, I'm very grateful for her being by my mother's side fighting for her. She kept in touch with my family and told us what to do to help my mom. She guided us and it was all for the best. I will be forever grateful to you.

    - Anonymous

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  • My Sister Is Home With Her Family
    Would like to express my appreciation to Attorney Juliana Lamardo my sis was facing deportation and because of the great job she did my sister is home with her family free. Thanks, Ms. Lamardo awesome job

    - Donna

  • Above and Beyond My Expectations
    Ms. Juliana Lamardo has gone above and beyond my expectations as my Immigration Attorney. She was always available to provide guidance, encouragement, and perfection. She is prompt, very professional, law knowledgeable and most of all, knows how to listen, deliver and stands by you all the way until the end. It's because of Juliana’s dedication I'm able to say, "I will be a US Citizen as of October 20th”. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Juliana Lamardo as an Immigration Attorney.

    - Carlos

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  • Always Attentive and There When You Need Her
    Juliana is a terrific lawyer. Helped me through my case. Which we won thanks to Juliana. I strongly recommend her as a lawyer. Always attentive and there when you need her. Five stars... :)

    - Tony Medina

  • Professional, Accountable and Reliable
    Best attorney I could ask for. She goes more than beyond her duty to get the job done. Professional, accountable and reliable. God bless her. Thank you. We need more people like her.

    - Anonymous

  • The Best Lawyer I Have Ever Had to Work

    I came to Juliana via a referral from a friend. From the very first phone call, she was extremely helpful and detailed-oriented to every word I said. I first called her after a hurricane in Florida and although she out of the office, she asked me to come in to talk about my case the same day.

    We sat down and reviewed my case, which had been botched by my previous lawyer. She took the time to explain the various steps of the case and was extremely clear and honest about the possible outcomes and routes we could take. Most importantly she made me feel like I was in good hands and that there was nothing to worry about. That she had my back.

    Juliana first set eyes on my case just 5 short days before I was due for an interview with an officer at the Oakland Park, FL USCIS Center. in just 3 short days she had a plan of action and everything ready for the interview. She accompanied me to it and things couldn't have gone better. She was able to discuss the case with the officer and set it on track again with the amended paperwork.

    A couple of months went by and she kept an eye on the case, keeping me informed every step of the way. On the third month, she scheduled an InfoPass appointment to follow up on my case and accompanied me again. The same happened 2 months later. This morning I received a call from Juliana informing me my case had been approved for a 10-year Green Card, even before I received anything in the mail.

    Juliana is by far the best lawyer I have ever had to work with and by far one of the best professionals I have come to know. She is caring and understanding of the urgency of her client's case and will go beyond the call of duty to serve her clients.

    - Anonymous

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  • Exceptional at Handling My Case
    Juliana was exceptional at handling my case. She was accessible, hands-on and very patient in explaining all of our next steps. I've had other lawyers before that were hard to reach and never gave me the peace of mind that I had someone in my court, but Juliana made sure that we could reach her in case anything happened or if we had any questions. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and gave straightforward advice. You never feel like just another client with Juliana, you feel like a human being who matters, which when it comes to immigration cases is hard to come by. If you want a lawyer that treats your case like what it is: a detrimental life-altering event, then Juliana is your best bet. She is the best lawyer you could have in your corner.

    - Paula

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  • Strong, Straight, Firm and Confident
    Besides her talent and skills on immigration matters, she is a very kind and sensitive human being. She knows how to be strong, straight, firm and confident at the same time that she treats her clients really good understanding their anxiety, fear, and distress. I hired her to be my husband’s attorney. He is in freedom now and with his family!!!

    - Caroline

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  • Genuine and Sincere
    Juliana is not just a great attorney but a caring person. She’s smart intelligent and a fighter. I trust her with my life because I know she’s fighting for me as if she were representing a friend or family. I so appreciate her because she’s been there every time I had a question or worried about something with my case. She’s always keeping up with all the current immigration cases and laws. I was with another law firm before and felt like a number but with Juliana Lamardo I know she's looking out for my best interest. They’re not a lot of people much less attorneys that are genuine and sincere but she is most definitely a Champion for the people. I’m thankful and very appreciative that she is my attorney.

    - Ricardo

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  • Very Professional & Prompt
    The best immigration lawyer you can obtain. Very professional & prompt. Mrs. Juliana handled my fiancee's case in a very timely manner. She is well educated & it shows greatly through her work. She cares about her clients & fights for the best outcome possible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU WANT YOUR LOVED ONE HOME !!

    - Natalie Simmons

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  • I Couldn’t Thank Her Enough
    I’m giving a 5 star if I can rate higher I’d give a 10000! Juliana provided possibly the best attention any attorney has given to a case, she was on point with any updates and emailing me as soon as possible, always a phone call away. I couldn’t thank her enough for helping me through such a rough situation! Thank you for everything! Highly recommend :)

    - Elizabeth Tamarit

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  • Phenomenal Person and a Hard-Working Attorney
    Ms Juliana is a phenomenal person and a hard-working attorney. She helped me get reunited with my wife and was very attentive every time I would need help.

    - Brian Sanabria

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  • Mi nombre es Roberto Ramon y quiero dar testimonio de la labor que realizó la Abogado Juliana Lamardo.
    Mi nombre es Roberto Ramon y quiero dar testimonio de la labor que realizó la Abogado Juliana Lamardo. Fui deportado en el 2008 y regresé en 2012 . Fui deportado y castigado por 10 años pero con el trabajo realizado por la abogado regrese a los cuatros. Según otro Abogados mis probabilidades de ganar el caso eran mínimas . Sin embargo la Abogado Lamardo lo hizo . Inicialmente y rápidamente mi caso fue rechazado , pero en la Apelación se encontraron con una verdadera  Abogado y sobre todo guerrera . Ella le puso todo su corazón. Gracias a Usted Abogado Juliana Lamardo logré mi sueño americano y me convertí en Ciudadano  Americano el 28 de Febrero de este año. Por su puesto ella también tomo mi caso. Este es un sueño hecho realidad  y permitió reencontrarme con mi Familia. Ahora todos somos Ciudadanos Americanos gracias a ella. Por todo esto recomiendo a la Abogado para que también sus sueños se hagan realidad. DIOS LA BENDIGA ABOGADO JULIANA LAMARDO!!

    - Roberto R.

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  • Encantado con los resultados. Muchas Gracias Juliana
    Estoy muy feliz con el trabajo que me a hecho la senora Lamardo. Encantado con los resultados. Muchas Gracias Juliana

    - Jose G.

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  • Care, Understanding, and Respect
    Ms. Juliana was truly a blessing to me during my Interview with my I-751 case. She showed care, understanding, and respect to me and she was very detailed on my case. She did not hesitate to help me and for that, I am very thankful that I choose her to represent me on my case. Thank you for all your advises and service. May you and your team will help more people and may God bless you always!

    - Tiara Guadayo