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Hire a Licensed Attorney – How Hiring a Notary (Notarios) Can Negatively Affect Your Case

Immigration is a complex field. Notaries or Notarios are not licensed to practice immigration laws. What is a Notario? Notario is a word commonly used in Spanish to describe a Notary Public. While in Latin America, a Notary Public is a high-ranking official such as a judge or a lawyer, a Notary Public in the United States is prohibited from preparing legal documents or advising on immigration or other matters, unless it is also an attorney.

Hiring a licensed and experienced attorney is always in your best interest. Notarios can make simple mistakes that will cause a case to be placed in deportation proceedings. Notarios are not authorized to provide legal advice on cases.

AILA, the American Immigration Lawyers association, together with the American Bar Association has launched a campaign called Stop Notario Fraud in an effort to minimize consequences for the immigrant society. https://stopnotariofraud.org/ has several helpful resources discussing notario fraud.